High School and Selecting Main Ideas

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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My 3 highest scores are: Information Processing (85), Study Aids (95), and Time Management (60).The 3 areas I scored the lowest on are: Attitude (5), Motivation (5), and Selecting Main Ideas (20). I'm going to work more on my attitude, because it's important to me that I graduate and get the degree in the career that I want to purse, so that I can prove to all the people who told me that I wouldn't be nothing, or had doubt in me, because my parents didn’t finish High School, nor graduated. Motivation is probably one of the hardest one for me, because I’m a huge procrastinator, especially when it comes to math, which is the subject I dislike the most. I think if I’m motivated to do the math I will get better grades. I think it’s going to happen because Mr.Norrgran makes it interesting, he tends to joke around to wake us up if we’re not participating, or shows us little tricks so we can get the problem better. On Selecting Main Ideas, the reason why I got a 5 is because when writing notes down, I tend to write everything, even though it’s not needed. The reason why I do that is because to me, if I don’t write everything down, I always have this voice in the back of my head, “What if that word, sentence, vocabulary is in the test” something like that, so I feel better if I just write it ALL down, just in case it’s use full. I think it’s an OCD habit. At the end of the fall semester, I hope to have my attitude at 100, motivation 100, and main ideas 100, because I know that will make me a better student on achieving my goals, to prove to not only those who would shut me down, but to prove to myself.
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