High School and School Football Team

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vhnoasklcvnlasd;cakjcbnkijlawcnaiDropping out of high school is not good idea and it is an issue faced by many teens today. There are few reasons why people drop out of high school. One they are inspired dropping out of high school sounds cool and mad fun but after few months you will find the results. Most likely you will end up with out job or job that does require more physical and pay nothing near how hard you worked.

Why someone wants to drop outof high school. Either or their family don’t have money so they have to work. There are many different reasons why students drop out of high school. As long as I know and from my experience those three are most import reasons why students drop out of high school. Dropping out of high school, sounds cool isn’t it? No but I had few friends who were in my of college? As from my experience with few of my friends who drop out of high school are those who has skills in sport or they think they don’t need to study in order to get to their goals. Most likely they are inspired from a star that has not even completed high school and he or she is big star now in a sport or even music. I am not saying that every student drop out of high school because of this reason. Few students drop out because they have bad grades from a star who is not even a high school graduate and today he is a star. Second one child doesn’t have any interest in education but that child is forced to attend high school. And last but not least some students who want to study but in some consequences they don’t have any other choice then drop out high school football team and two of my friends thought dropping out of high school is cool and fun they thought they are best football player so they will find something to do after dropping out of high school. Now days they don’t have job neither of them is in any football team either. Few days ago one of them tried...
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