High School and Reading Habits

Topics: High school, Reading, Reading comprehension Pages: 5 (1241 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Factors that Affect Reading Habits of the High School Students of Praise Emerald International School A Research Paper
Presented to
The class of Mrs. Marites Lagazon
Praise Emerald International School
In partial fulfillment
Of the Requirement
English IV for the subject
By Leader: Joan Angelique D. Arcangel
Members: John Paul C. Luto
Christian Joshua L. Padrigan

March 11, 3013


A modern saying says “Today’s Readers are tomorrow’s Leader”. One should read books and other materials to acquire knowledge. Unless one reads and get in touch with the mass media, it is difficult to know what is going around us. Not only that, a student has to read books, other than his text books, so that the area of thinking and acting will become broader. ‘Reading to learn’ is an essential tool for life- long learning. Promoting a reading culture among students is therefore one of the key tasks in the curriculum reform with the aim to strengthen students’ learning capabilities? Reading can definitely be taken as the first button in the garment education. The results of the study indicated that majority of the PEIS high school students (90 %) are interested in reading. The result show that the students overall responded that work most often interfered with their reading and studying.

I. The Problem
A. Introduction
In ‘reading habit’, we get two words ‘reading’ and ‘habit’. Reading is an action of a person who reads and habit is a product of this action or learning. Like all other habits, the habit or reading in an individual develops during the course of time. Smith and Robinson defined reading as “an active attempt on the part of reader to understand a writer’s message”. Nowadays, a common allegation is raised that the reading habit is decreasing. Some of the students don’t read because of external factors and internal factors. So, I made a plan to study the reading habits of the high school students of Praise Emerald International School. The purpose of this study is to survey the reading habits of the high school students of Praise Emerald International School. Reading is a precise process. It involves exact, detailed, sequential perception and identification of letters, words, spelling patterns and large language units. It involves an interaction between thoughts and language. Efficient reading does not result from precise perception and identification of all elements, but from skill in selecting the fewest, most productive cues necessary to produce guesses which are right the first time. The ability to anticipate that which has not been seen, of course, is vital in reading, just as the ability to anticipate. What has not yet been heard is vital in listening. Today, the reading has social, academic, economical and survival significance, because democracy of a country can survive when people at large have reading competence. Reading is always a means to an end and not an end in itself. Further, reading is the process of using over ‘eyes’, our ‘mind’, to understand the literal as well as the hidden meaning of what the writer was attempting to convey. Therefore, reading gives both power, and pleasure with understanding, by reading the material as a unified whole. B. Statement of the Problem

What are the factors affecting reading habits?
C. Hypothesis
These factors do not affect the reading habits of PEIS high school students. D. Significance of the study
The proposed research will determine the common factors affecting study habits among PEIS high school students. The result of this study will make the PEIS-community be aware of the common reading habits among the students. The researchers expect that through this study, the Praise Emerald International School will develop strategic solutions regarding study habits if we found out that most of the students have poor reading habits. F. Scope and Limitations

The scopes of this research are the students here in Praise Emerald International School of high...
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