High School and Parker

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Character Sketch

Character: Parker Reynolds

Physical: Parker is a relatively skinny, average height 17 year old girl. Her mannerisms are sympathetic and funny. However, Parker is a bully and picks on kids who are different. Everyone believes she does this because she is insecure about herself.

Background: Parker has 5 brothers who are constantly fighting and making fun of each other. Her parents both work so they are rarely home to teach their children proper manners and the proper way to act around other people.

Personality: Parker is social and outgoing and has many friends. She is hostile around people she doesn’t like and she has a short temper. She is always bringing people down and sometimes she even brings her friends down.

Supporting Details: Parker even has lost respect from the teachers and the staff at her high school. They know that she is a bully. She decided to run for Student Body President but lost by a landslide due to her poor character.

Story Relevance:

1. Parker is one of the main characters and shows people that you can’t be a bully and a nice person. 2. Parker should realize that she should be comfortable in her own skin and that everyone is different. 3. After losing in the school election, Parker decides to renovate her character for the better.

Character: Chevy Woods

Physical: Chevy is a normal sized 17 year old boy. His mannerisms are quiet and intelligent. Chevy has no friends because he is scared that he is going to embarrass himself in front of people. He just goes everyone by himself and stays at home all the time. He is basically anti-social.

Background: Chevy is an only child in a upper class family. His parents are famous fashion designers so they are always travelling and Chevy rarely spends time with them. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to.

Personality: Chevy is extremely quiet, shy, and intelligent. He scored a perfect score on his SAT and has never received anything lower than an A since the...
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