High School and National Achievement Test

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ABSTRACT Title: FACTORS AFFECTING THE NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST PERFORMANCE OF SELECTED SECOND YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN SANTA MARIA, BULACAN Researcher: Anastacia Nicolas-Victorino Degree: Master in Education Management Year: 2011 Adviser: Dr. Carmelita L. Castolo The Problem The study aimed in looking into students’ problems. To be able to relate themselves harmoniously to the environment, individuals should see through themselves and know their self-adjustments. Hence, there is a need to determine students’ problem, so that favorable adjustments could be facilitated. Certain measures based on facts can be adopted to solve students’ problems. Students may be given more attention and motivation thus enhancing their academic performance. This study determined the relationship of family and environment to the academic performance of second year students of high school in Santa Maria, Bulacan. The researcher wanted to know the factors that may affect the National Achievement Test performance of the respondents in terms of: technology, extra-curricular activities, media study habits, and motivational practices of the family. It is an attempt to find out if there are a significant relationship between the factors and the NAT performance of the respondents. The undertaking utilized triangulation approach, employing both quantitative and qualitative probes. Trough survey, the study dealt with the relationship of family and environment to the academic performance of second year students of Santa Maria public high schools in the National Achievement Test. It involves selected students of Catmon National High School, Parada High School, Santa Maria Agro-Industrial High School, and Pulong Buhangin High School. Technology has a pivotal role in students’ research. There is a dominant usage of cell phones and internet among students. Most of the students are not involved in extracurricular activities. There is a massive consumption of TV among students. Radio and newspapers are not preferred media. The media provides minimal help in their studies. Students allot a small portion of their free time in doing their assignments and other school works. Internet and textbooks are of equal footing when it comes to information sources. Students receive support and encouragement from their family members as regard with striving harder to achieve better grades. Nevertheless, the lack of


the tools on the part of the parents and siblings makes it impossible to maximize the level of support that the students receive. Technology, media, and study habits are said to have a direct causal relationship to the performance of the students in the National Achievement Test. It means that the more a value of the independent variable increase, the more it is likely to cause favorable results. On the other hand, there is an inverse causal relationship between the existing motivational practices of the students’ family. Based on the summary of findings, there has been a pattern on the preferences and the attitudes of the students of the four high schools in Santa Maria, Bulacan. Most of the students of these four public high schools are a picture of a typical medium-sized family from the lower to middle-lower income levels of the economic hierarchy. The participants schools did not perform well in the 2010-2011 National Achievement Test (NAT) for second year. Most of them are placed in the bottom half of the rankings.




Education has been the primary focus of different governments for centuries. From the dynastic and feudal era wherein scholars emerged to build up the European Renaissance, to the uprising of civil rights movements in the industrial era, education has been proven as a tool that can make, or break, a whole society.

In the Third World setting, governments work hard to make sure that their universities, colleges, and basic education centers continue to provide a...
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