High School and Memories

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Creating memories is something individuals treasure for the duration of their life. When making these memories with family and friends people do a different variety of things to cherish these memories made. However, even though treasuring these memories is important now you own a lot of things that are not really needed. There are a variety of ways to cherish and treasure memories made. I like to treasure every memory made with my family and now I own a lot of things I really don't need and a few of these are baby books, pictures, and my high school band experience.

Creating baby books for my children has been an important aspect of my life. Once they were born I started filling out their book until it was all full. I would write down everything they accomplished and received in the book. The point to creating theses books was for the lasting memories. I wanted my children and others to be able to look at the books and remember what went on during that time. Little did I know that they would just sit on the book shelf for months at a time without being touched unless someone takes it down to look at it. Every now and then someone will take one down and look at it, but then it goes back to the same spot on the shelf and doesn't move for the next few months or years. I have learned that I don't really need them and my children don't really need them either, it just takes up space on the shelf.

Capturing memories in the form of pictures is very common among all individuals. Pictures get handed down from person to person and generation to generation as the years go by. Getting pictures made is very important in my house. We get a yearly family picture, birthday pictures, and our everyday around the house pictures. I like to have updated pictures so that I can give them out and show others I don't normally see on a regular basis my family and kids. Many people in everyday life takes, makes, and saves pictures for different reasons. I have found pictures from...
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