High School and Marque Learning Center

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Gladys Ruelas
Short Story: Lesson 1

Past, Present, and Future

That actions and choices you make may affect you in the long run. I know this; because what I did when I first entered high school I am affected by it now. Instead of me going to school all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends, smoke marijuana, and do everything but go to school. I now regret everything I did and wish I could go back in time and redo my high school all over again. Not finishing school takes a great toll on my life now, because now I can’t get a good job to support my daughter. The only job I can really get now is just working at McDonalds or any other kind of fast food restaurant. Flipping burgers and frying fries isn’t what I want to do to give my daughter a good life, so I’m so happy I ran across the Marque Learning Center so I could get my high school diploma and do what I have to do so I could provide for my daughter. When I first entered high school during my freshman year I was doing great until some of my classes would start getting difficult for me. Once I skipped for the first time it was like a rush and I liked to do it. The next times I did it was because of boy and because of him I started to do it more and more just so I could spend time with him. Then because of him I tried marijuana and I liked to do it, and that was another reason for me to not attend school. Just thinking about skipping made me happy and when I went on to my sophomore year I did it more frequently, which caused me to miss a lot of my classes and because of that I started to fail worse. When I got to my junior year I started only going to my 5th period class and my 7th period class, and that’s when my high school started to file charges on me which caused me to go to court. I ended up going to court 3 times throughout my sophomore year and my junior year, so that’s when my mother decided to take me out of school because she was tired of paying my fines. Doing...
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