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The Life & Times of Justin A. Craig

By: Justin Craig

Justin Allen Craig was born on December the 24th 1993 in Beverly Hills California, the second child, to parents Amelia Maria Fuentes and Jeffry Allen Craig. Being apart of the first generation of children to be born and raised in the United States on both sides, he was brought up with a privileged lifestyle. His father coming from a small island off the coast of Florida better known as the Bahamas and mother hailing from a small country in central America known as Belize. Being a multi cultured Justin always felt as though he was a little different than most other children he was surrounded by. Growing in a predominately wealthy Caucasian environment, Justin was able to obtain skills and experience countless situations many children could not. Attending one of the best private Christian schools in southern California his early years gave Justin the opportunity to gain an early education from the time he was 4 years old. As a child Justin participated in various extra curricular activities such as boy scouts, karate, football, soccer, and swimming being his favorite. As the years went on he began to solely focus on his swimming career. Justin had heart set dreams and aspirations of becoming an Olympic level swimmer in his future. He intended on doing whatever it took to bring theses about. In 2005 Justin and his family moved to the city of Northridge located in the San Fernando Valley located in southern California. After the swift separation of his parents many things had begun to change in Justin’s normal routine life. Beginning his years as a middle school student at George K. Porter Magnet Middle School, Justin was introduced to a completely new environment. Attending Porter enabled him to gain the friendships of kids whom were just like him, friendships in which he still holds till this very day. These years would prove to be a learning experience not just academically but socially. Justin was...
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