High School and Jocks

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Jessica Alejo
November 25th, 2012
HDEV 353
Professor Granados-Perez

Jocks and Burnouts: Integrative Paper #2

For most teenagers knowing who you are or who you are going to be will come to you at an early age. During high school you fit in a certain group of friends or fail to meet their expectations and happen to become someone a bit under the totem poll. Eckert’s findings explained that the cause of a teen’s social life could be influenced by one’s financial status which therefore sets the path of a child’s social standing even as an adolescent. The study focuses on the importance of a family’s role such as the parents and ones personal beliefs that will define who they will be and eventually grow up to be as an adult. In the reading you will see that Eckert’s gives examples from each social norm of what a Jock or a Burnout are portrayed in high school and how they fit in with certain criteria that defines who they are individually and collectively.

Jocks and Burnouts don’t form overnight it happens over time and it happens as they grow. As teens Jocks and Burnouts are known for where they hang out or spend their spare time whether it may be with friends or family. For instance, Burnouts don’t hang out at home they have an independence to fulfill and venture off to do their own thing. Some examples that the author provides are Skate Parks, restaurant, streets, pool halls or even Detroit. Jocks on the other hand spend more time at home, school, or movie theaters, somewhere safe and approved by parental consent. Each group has their own set of hangouts because it defines who they are collectively. When they are not in school they focus their time where they feel fits that they are and what they stand for. Burnouts tend to hang out where there is no supervision wanted or needed. As far as Jocks and Burnouts go when it comes to school not only do they go near each other, but also location signifies how they appear to the campus and facility. In school, the Jocks hang out almost anywhere and everywhere unless the Burnouts have territory, which is hardly any of the campus. The Jocks tend to spend most of their time around their lockers especially throughout and in between classes to hang out with other Jocks. Their lockers symbolize their standing in class and their friendships within their group. Burnouts however, stay away from their lockers and hardly touch them. Burnouts tend to stay in small areas where they can smoke and be away from others except their own. Burnouts seclude themselves from other students and even faculty because they aren’t as involved as Jocks who put time and effort into their education. Each location expresses an oppositional stance between the two groups because each has a specific characteristic that shows the groups identity and defines who they are by displaying a difference in where they hang out.

Burnouts and Jocks physically look different but what sets them apart from one another is their style of clothing and choice. In order to determine who a Jock or a Burnout is one can be identified through his or her clothing. Jocks worry about who they wear and the expense of the outfit while Burnouts wear clothes that have no specific designer and have no concern about how many times it’s worn. The designer of clothing has no existence to a Burnout because it goes back to his/her parent’s financial statues and designer clothes are expensive and out of financial reach. Jocks have a specific look they tend to go for; they go for a preppy look that consists of pastel, light colors, polo’s and Calvin Klein Jeans. Jocks, especially the girls, attempt to achieve a high number of clothing options unlike Burnouts who feel no need to either have a significant amount of clothes or care to repeat outfits. Clothing is important to each social group because it identifies who they affiliate with and identifies their financial status.

Jocks and Burnouts dress differently and act differently in...
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