High School and Hard Work

Topics: High school, High school diploma, Dropout Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Te’ona Gordon
Mr. Travis Turner
English 101
04 February 2013

“Graduating from High School”

Graduating from high school and getting your high school diploma is one of the most wonderful things that can be experienced in life. It is really something to be proud of after going to school for 13 years day in and day out. There are many benefits associated with graduating from high school and receiving your high school diploma. It is a moment that everyone in life should have a chance to experience and it gives you more opportunities in life. When people graduate from high school they will be very happy, excited, relieved, and successful. It is really a great experience and something that everyone should experience after all of the hard work they have done throughout the years in high school.

Most importantly, they will be very happy because they will feel that they accomplished a very important goal in their life time. It should be one of their goals the entire time they are in high It is a milestone in your life. After graduating from high school, stepping into the real world is the next big thing. Graduating from high school gives a feeling of being on your own. It is a very good feeling and no one should want to miss out on this wonderful experience.

In fact, they will feel excited because all of their hard work throughout the years will finally be paid off. Students will be filled with excitement as they walk across the stage with their heads held high and hearing the sweet sound of your name being called. Everyone in the stadium will be cheering and applauding joyfully for them as the names of each individual student are being called and as they receive their high school diploma. Some will be crying tears of joy and the tears will flow down their eyes like a stream of water. It will be a huge stepping stone for their future. It will probably be one of the best days of their lives being that it is a moment that they have waited on for years of...
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