High School and Goals

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Student Author's | Rick Brooks|
Student's Permanent Phone Number| 828-242-0472|
Student's Permanent Email Address| Richardlbrooks@students.abtech.edu| Student's Permanent Mailing Address| 130 Scenic View Dr. Swannanoa, NC 28778|

Instructor's Name & Course Nicole Watkins ACA 115 01| College or University AB Tech|
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Hello my name is Rick Brooks and this is my student story. What the on course book has helped me with the most is getting me to commit to my goals and dreams. I was once a bright eyed young high school student with the dreams of going to college and making something out of myself. My graduation year from High School was 1992, yes 20 years ago, and yes that makes me 38 years old. I grew up with a family of 5 having four siblings and just my father to raise us. Money was tight and going to a four year university was out of the question. Information about scholarships at my school was minimal. I began working full time and decided to go to college anyways. So in 1992 I enrolled at AB Tech Technical college. Working full time and not having a very good commitment to my goals and dreams, I did not do so well. I eventually dropped out after my third quarter. At this time I did not even know to drop my classes, I just stopped going, what a big mistake. I now have several F's on my transcript from 1992. 20 years and one fifteen year old daughter later, I have began to achieve my goals and dreams again.

This is where On Course Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life came into my life. Upon starting the ACA 115 01 class I was very reluctant. I had already taken some college courses and had done well, at least until I dropped out. I figured that I did not need this class and I was pissed that the college was making me take it. When the class started on chapter 3, things began to make sense. I needed to design a...
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