High School and Competition

Topics: High school, Person, Individual Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Competition makes people try to be better than others and forces them to beat themselves. People will work on giving their best; therefore, they will always make their best effort. As a result, success will come. People will never stay the same when forced to compete; they will become better, improving themselves to be the best they can be. Cooperation is important, I can realize that, but isn’t the recipe to succeed. As you help other ones, they will help you; however no one can make you successful; success comes through individual determination. Cooperation makes you focus on the group, not in your objective that is to succeed. Cooperation could be helpful, but without competition it makes them forget where are you going to and where you want to get to while competition provides the opposite.

An example of why competition grants more success than cooperation relates to children. In a world where competition is appearing more frequently, children must learn how to assert themselves. Although cooperation is taught in elementary school and used throughout their grade school lives, it doesn’t teach the child that in the real world, competition is used to determine whether they get a job or what college they go to. Obviously, cooperation helps a child develop social skills, but competition develops a drive to do better and succeed in everything that they do. The idea of competition will bring some benefits such as independence and self-confidence in their character and will develop as an important part in their future.

Achieving success in competition is also prevalent in admission factors for colleges. As the rate of people that are going to college rises, so does the competition that helps you get into those colleges. For this, cooperation does not get you anywhere when going to college. Competition helps because it is based on many factors: GPA, SAT, extracurricular activities, and community service. These factors are not achieved by cooperation, but by...
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