High School and College Similarities and Differences

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High school and College are great education diplomas to receive to be able to move up in the world to get a job with good pay. They are similar in some ways, but have more differences than you would think. High school and College involve several of things including student body, characteristics, academics, academic freedom and the purpose of the institution. Some of the similarities that each institution has are just broad, where the differences are more specific.

Their similarities are that they both go toward peoples education to help them for their future. High school and College have sports, theatre, arts, medical academics and hospitality. Those are all extra curricular activities or classes that both institutions offer. It is great to get involved in these activities to meet new people and stay active throughout the day. Some differences that they have from each other involve a more specific topic.

High school is like one person having twenty hands there to help. Compared to College, high school is easier. High schoolers are babied by everyone which includes parents, friends, guidance counselors and teachers. They are all their to help graduate high schoolers so at any time that you need it they will be there. High school gives you home work, class work, quizzes, tests and extra credit as a grade that is spreader out into so many categories that it's easier to get an A or B. Also in high school everyone is around the same age as each other. The academics are rarely ever toward your career choice. In high school most classes are required to take in order to graduate. They are not broken down from which classes are needed for certain careers. The reasoning of the institution is for everyone to have some sort of education background. It is required to go to school until you are sixteen years old. But for College it's a whole different ball park.

College is like a big ocean for a small fish. It is where individuals gain more responsibility than parents,...
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