High School and College Life

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Ray Ansarul 11/04/12

How College Changed Me

There are many students who attended college an it changed them both physically and mentally. I am one of those students. Since I began college it started to change me into a better person on many occasions. I have learned to become more responsible, and get the work done. In addition I have to change my attitude or else I will fail my courses; for example my classmate start skipping classes and misbehaves with the professor, which lead him to fail the course. Moving from high school to college is a huge step in everyone’s life. If you don't change your lifestyle for the better reason then you might not reach your goal in college. Once you reach college it’s the time that you start being an adult.

The college life has changed me for the better. I am much more responsible in many different ways. I had to change my study habits, or, should I say, I had to get engaged in study habits. In high school I never studied because everything came so easy to me and I could just do the work, even end up with passing grades. When I reached college I tried to do the same thing and it didn't work. I had to start studying on a daily basis and it was hard for a student like me to change from not doing any work to studying every night and also on the weekends. I wasn't used to doing it at the beginning, but I had to make it a habit or I was not going to reach my goal.

Since I began attending college it made me more responsible to make the right decisions. In college you have to make decisions that are very hard. Pressure comes in hard when you get to college; for example you could have a test that you need to study for and there is a party that you want to go to. If you do go to the party then you will fail the test because you did not have any...
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