High School and College Goals

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High school and College Goals

As a person and as an organizer I have a lot to work on. In order to expand my conversational skills which in turn improves my social skills, I must work on my vocabulary and knowledge of many things. With this, I will also improve my memorization skills. That’s three in one. I will practice every single one of these throughout all of high school and college, however for college I have specific goals I want to achieve which include, but not limited to, being able to multitask tremendously along with being an independent young women.

As a high school student, as does every other person on this planet, I have faults and I have characteristics and traits that I’m weak in, but this does not mean that I will not improve my weaknesses. To improve my vocabulary I depend on resources from the internet because I’m a modern young women and a lot of my time is spent on said computer which allows me to read a plethora of articles and stories. Also, I’m still only in English 2 which means there’s still a lot of new words that I’ll uncover going through all my years and semesters with the “vocabulary lists” that they provide for us frequently.

With newly acquired expanded vocabulary list I will use this to my advantage and implement them into conversations I may or may not have started and begin from there. My social status may or may not improved but it definitely didn’t lessen. I’ve bettered myself substantially since the 7th grade and I can hold conversations longer then ever before and I plan to make them even longer with all the knowledge I plan to get.

I’ve never been good with memorizing because they do not want to stick in my head for long. I manage to cram, remember for about a month, then it disappears from my mind until I refresh it. I want to be able to remember for as long as possible and use this for essays in the future. What I think I’m going to do is do what I’m doing for English and think or write about the topic five...
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