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(1) Write an application to your Principal to permit your School Hockey Team to participate in the District Hockey Tournaments to be held at Jaipur in the ensuing month. To,
The Principal,
Govt. Higher Secondary School
I am the captain of our School Hockey Team. District Hockey Touranaments are to be organized in Jaipur next month. Several good teams will take part in it. Ours is a very good team. If we get a chance to take part, we may possibly win there. You are, therfore, requested to permit our Hockey Team to participate in the District Hockey Tournaments and make necessary arrange-ments for the same. Thanking you very much for your favour.

Yours very obediently,
Purshottam Jain
24.10.2008 School Hockey Team

(2) Write a letter to your mother for winter clothing as the winter is approaching. Boy’s Hostel,
D.P. Inter College,
Dated : 28.11.2008.
My dear Mother,
I am sorry I could not write to you earlier because I was very busy with my half-yearly examination. Now I am free, the examination is over and thank God I have done very well in the examination. I'm sure I will get a high rank in the half-yearly examination. There will be biting cold after a few days. Mother, you know that I do not have sufficient woollen clothes. I need a woollen sweater and a woollen coat. They will probably cost a thousand rupees. Please send me this money soon so that I may purchase these clothes from the exhibition next month. Kindly remember me to my brothers and sisters.

Your dearest son,

(3) Write a letter to your maternal father asking him to send money to enable you to join an Excursion Party to Kashmir arranged by your college. Old Hostel,
D.A.V. Inter College,
December 5, 2008
Respected Nanaji,
I received your kind letter yesterday. My joy knew no bounds to read about Mamaji's marriage. I could not acknowledge it as I was busy in the annual sports of my college. Now I am free from the strain You have asked me my plan during the witner holidays. The students of my college are going on an excursion to Kashmir for a week. I am anxious to go with them as it will teach me a lot besides recration. I have a keen desire to enjoy the natural scenes and spacious lakes of Kashmir, the paradise of India. I'll get an opportunity to see the waterfalls, house-boats and fruit cultivation there. I have to deposit five hundred rupees for the travelling expenses by the 15th of this month. I shall need another five hundred rupees for my personal expenses. I request you, Nanaji, to send me this money in time to join the party. My best regards to Naniji and love to Teenu and Palak.

Your loving son,

(4) Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to give you a certificate regarding your conduct and character. To,
The Principal,
Saraswati Inter College,
Respectfully I beg to say that my father has been transferred to Allahabad. As I have to join the D.A.V. Inter College, Allahabad, I need a certificate about my conduct and character. I may inform you that I joined your college in 2002. I have in- variably stood first in my class. Last year I passed the High School examination and my percentage of marks obtained was 72 per cent. I was a member of football eleven last year. I was the Captain of the football team for two years—2005 and 2006. I also won first prize in debate competition last year. Kindly issue me the certificate within four days as we are leaving for Allahabad on 25th July, 2007. Thanking you for the favour,

Yours most obediently,
Dated 20.07.2007 Varun Sarkar XIB.

(5) Write a letter to your friend telling him about your daily life. F-105, Kamla Nagar
March 25, 2008.
My dear Rajeev,
Thank you very much for your sweet letter. I was really expecting it everyday. My qualifying tests are over and my mind is free from strain. Now I am leading a routine life. I get up at 5 o’clock, go to bathroom, brush my teeth,...
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