High School's Sex Education Necessity

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High School's Sex Education Necessity
In China, No one wants to talk about sex with each other, and none of them considers how to carry out sex education. Although in the middle of 1980’s somebody attempted to carry on sex education in senior middle school of some large cities, but the crisis of sex education in senior middle school is increasingly severe after twenty years. Under the heavy shade of testing education new fact is that the student’s sexuality and sexual crime in senior middle school is going up, persons that young girls had abortions and unmarried mother is increasing.I read from newspapers, magazines and other news media reports,many adolescent on impulse to make a mistake because they were curious about sex but lack of understanding,even some student make another student disfeatured, just in order to scramble the person they like.I am grieved for this things. Sex education is important for all levels of learning but especially for high school students who can be impulsive; that is boys relate to girls on sexual gratification terms. Sex education is crucial therefore in supporting the notion that the body is important in its beauty and humanness. Unfortunately, most parents' actions are less a result of planning in advance, and more often reactions to children's provocations. This fact necessitates the importance even more of exposing adolescents to as much information as possible. An educator's goal is to provide them with information regarding different types of sex protection and to impart knowledge based on holistic attitudes. We should have sex education in high schools because that's when most teens have sex. We intend to make the right choice but so times you are pressured to have sex. If we had this in most high schools it would eliminate teens becoming pregnant. and I also think we should get better teachers to teach us the rewards and consequences of sex. These...
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