High Salary Is Not Everything.

Topics: Term, Education, Family Pages: 3 (460 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Many people desire to have jobs with high salaries because people think that high salaries

will result in happiness. However, being happy with a job is more important than having a

high salary because pursuing only for money could bring some problems. People should be

consider a lot more before they make decisions, because jobs are something that people have

to do for all their lives.

First of all, if people are satisfied with their own jobs, people will try to do better and

make good contributions to companies. As people keep having high productivities, people

won’t have to worry about money because they will automatically get promoted. For instance,

a news article was written about a woman and her father who were selling some Korean street

food on the street. Of course, the father and daughter did not earn much money, but they were

happy with what they were doing. The father and daughter sold the food for over 10 years

and now, the father was able to become a CEO of Korean street food franchise, which is one

of the successful companies in Korea. The family did not start to have such a big success, but

their enthusiasm and passion for their job made the family successful.

Secondly, choosing jobs only because they pay people with a lot of money could make

them stressed out. When people are only working for salaries, even though people are not

pleased with the working conditions, people will be stressed out and this will also result in

getting bad health. For example, I had a math teacher who earned a lot of money. Many

students respected the math teacher because he was good at teaching. However, the math

teacher used to tell the students that teaching stresses him out. Recently, he happened to find

out that he got lung diseases. This was because the teacher was teaching students although he

did not want to.

Lastly, showing passion and self-esteem will motivate and influence...
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