High Performance Working

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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|Master of Business Administration Assignment Cover Sheet | | | |Student Number | | | | | | | | | |Module code |SHR012-6 |Assignment No. |1 | | | | |Module Title |Leading and Managing People | | | | | | |Module Tutor |Mark Holbourn | | | | | | |Due Date |13/11/2012 | | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Executive Summary:

Any organizations which need to be more successful and more professional it should set a plan to meet its target and also to achieve the organization’s main goals. The aims of this report are to highlight the link between organizational success, performance management, motivation, the relationship between performance management and rewards for staff incentive.

The company that the researcher selected for this report is the Electricity Holding Company S.A.O.C. (EHC) established in 2005.It is located in Muscat and it has nine subsidiaries. In addition to that, this report aims to discuss and analyze the elements of high performance and management within the Electricity Holding Company (EHC). It will also focus on Human Recourse Department in Electricity Holding Company which performs the roles of Managers, junior managers and staff. The researcher found from year 2010 until the current year that the management of EHC depends on the grading structure and does not depends on the performance of the staff, their experiences and their certificates. Moreover, as a result of the feedback, performance of the staff in EHC, the researcher analyzed the issue by using questionnaire. Thus, from the questionnaire the researcher found that the grading structure in the company affected the staff performance and their behavior which allow increasing the conflict within the...
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