High Oil Pilferage

Topics: Oil tanker, Insurance, Economics Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Rossly: Good point Rosmee. Well done. You have done a very good job. Rossly: So have you find any solution regarding high oil pilferage that we are facing right now? Any information about what I ask you to find last week? Rosmee: Yes sir. I have done a research for that. But before that, let me highlight once again about the problems. Currently, our tankers are missing and not arrived at the destination, our palm oils’ quality is compromised and because of our bad performance, our insurer, PHSB, they plan to increase our insurance premium.

: So, about Fleet Management System (FMS), I think it is the best solution that we can do to boost our performance. Aliah: Rosmee, can you explain in more detail about the system? I keep hearing that name since last week, but I have no idea at all, what the system is all about. Rosmee: Yes, sure. I am about to explain it. Basically, this is based on my own research. Probably Mukhriz knows better about this system. So, I hope you can add more information if there’s something missing in my explanation later on. Mukhriz: Definitely. Let’s listen to you first.

Rosmee: Ok, FMS is actually an advance satellite tracking and life monitoring system. A GPS tracker which takes place between times the commodity is transported from the mill to the refinery. It will navigate the tankers. The system will marks the date and time the tankers enter a hotspot and how long they stop at rest areas and eating shops. It allows a company to locate more than 70 hotspots in the Peninsula where CPO siphoning was rampant. Ramly: So, what are you trying to say is, it can detect our drivers or our tankers if they go off from their original route. Is it? Rosmee: You are absolutely correct. Because of that, we can spot if our drivers stop at any unfamiliar place, change route or even if they try to steal the oil. Mukhriz: I would like to add some more. Apart from that, if you were about to implement this system, you...
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