High Middle Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Western Europe Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Ch. 17 & 20 CCOT: Analyze major social and religious continuities in Europe
Changes and continuities can be seen in the early middle ages and high middle ages of Europe. From 500-1500 CE, Medieval Europe changed from having a rise in economy from a better-quality agricultural system and had more of an urban population, but church officials continued to have political power and kept Christianity.

Economy in Western Europe changed in agriculture in the high middle ages in comparison to the early middle ages. In early medieval Europe, economic movement was slow and the agricultural activity suffered from many attacks from Germanic people. Agricultural tool and techniques were not very helpful, until the heavy plow. The creation of the watermill, horse collar, and new methods to improve crop rotation helped steady agriculture. Economic yields became the basis of economy in the high middle ages. The new lands that were developed for agriculture gave lords the chance to raise taxes for their own wealth. The horseshoe and improved horse collar made it more helpful for cultivators to work on land. Since agricultural activity improved, the economy increased in the high middle ages compared to the early middle ages.

Population also increased from the surplus of food provided in agriculture but changed from becoming urban during the high middle ages of Western Europe. In the early middle ages, political stability and agricultural origination helped population growth. The European population began at about thirty-six million and decreased over 4 centuries due to the Roman empire’s conflicts, epidemic diseases, and unsettled circumstances. It improved to its original average population during 1000. During the high middle ages, rapid population growth stimulated from the wealthy agricultural activity. It stood about 20 million and up to 36 million in its earlier times and reaching to 79 million overtime. With the plentiful supplies of food, European society...
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