High Jump vs. Straight Approach

Topics: Landing, Curve, Land Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: May 15, 2011
Straight Approach 5: Very good. Counted down 5 sprinting strides straight before going into the curve portion of the jump. Curved Approach 5: After counting down the first 5 straight strides, did a good job of curving the portion with another 5 strides to complete the 10. Penultimate Step 3: Could have bent the knee a little more as well as a longer stride. Plant 3: The planting foot was not directly parallel to the poll but more to the center of the pit. Good job with raising the arms upward. Takeoff 4: Did a good job with driving the knee upwards and keeping the shoulders up but on wasn’t consistent with driving the body straight up. Flight and Clearance 3: Arching your back was the tough point with both athletes, but good job on the head drop while the arms stayed below eye level. Landing 4: Landing more on your upper back where your shoulder blades are located would be considered a perfect 5. Penultimate Step 4: Good job with maintaining your speed and exploding up. Focusing more on lowering your hips would have done the job. Toeing-off 4: Toes landed directly on point with the board, and hips could be more explosive in front of takeoff foot. Takeoff 4: Body stood tall, eyes remained forward as arms continued upward. Flight 4: Did a good job of extending arms back and up. Better job of legs bending back and tucked under. Landing 5: Great job on heels landing first with momentum going forward and keeping your balance.


Approach 4: Eyes focused on the task ahead. Good job on slowly gaining speed while being consistent with sprint technique. Hop Phase 3: Did a good job with the hop and driving the knee up, but could work on bringing the knee back for a longer distance on the land. Hop Landing 3: Shoulders stayed square but I thought you could have had a longer distance on your land by driving the knee back on the hop phase. Step Phase 5: Good job with arms forward, head up, and shoulder square. Jump Phase 4: Could have done a little better job...
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