High Heel Speech

Topics: Foot, High-heeled footwear, Kitten heel Pages: 3 (1238 words) Published: June 19, 2011
The idea that high heels can be hazardous to your health isn't new—women have been warned for years honestly. High heels can contribute to and development a variety of conditions such as arthritis, chronic knee pain, sprained ankles, back problems, postural and safety faults and that is only naming a few. That is a lot of health issues for shoes. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association high-heeled shoes slant your feet forward and down while bending your toes up. The more that the feet are forced into this position, the more it may cause the Achilles tendon to shorten. In many shoes, style dictates function, either compressing the toes, or forcing them together and this normally results in many medical conditions, most of which are permanent, and will require surgery to relieve the pain. High heels also put pressure on the lower back by making the rump push outwards and crushing the lower back vertebrae and contracting the muscles of the lower back. Sounds really painful! One of the most critical problems of high-heeled-shoe is designing properly constructed toe-boxes this is the place where your instep and toes sit. Improper construction here can cause the most damage to you’re feet. Toe-boxes which are too narrow force the toes to be "crammed" too close together and if crammed together over long periods of time can cause your toes to stay in that position or making your pinky toe curl under the one beside it. That is so gross if you want to where uncovered shoes and your pinky toes are curled in an unnatural angle!!! Wide heels do not necessarily offer more stability, and any raised heel with too much width induces unhealthy side-to-side torque to the ankles with every step, stressing them unnecessarily. Women have about four times as many foot problems as men do, most of which come from wearing ill-fitting shoes. And this can lead you to twisting or breaking your ankle. Do you really want to be wearing a bulky cast to work, I don’t think so....
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