High Frequency Words

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Orthography Pages: 24 (7550 words) Published: March 17, 2013

High frequency words (sight words) are words that students encounter frequently in reading and writing. It is critical that readers and writers develop automaticity (automatic recognition), a skill that leads to fluency. Many beginners in reading need explicit instruction with repeated practice to learn the high frequency words. By third grade, most students have initially come across high frequency words. If pupils are reading grade level passages frequently, they learn to internalize them. For pupils in third grade and beyond, explicit instruction is needed.

Do students fully understand what they are reading? Are they able to express verbally or in written communication what they have read? Teachers need to guide pupils to become independent. High frequency words are words that are used most often in a reading material. High frequency or sight words are developed through extensive exposure to text and a student’s surroundings. High frequency words should be recognized and read automatically. Pupils should remember and use the high frequency words they previously learned either through verbal or written communication..

However, many students nowadays experience reading difficulties. In short, reading difficulties can be caused mainly by the following factors: Immature / earlier language development. Sensory impairment (visual and auditory perceptual processing), Emotional factors, Cognitive reasoning and information processing factors, Earlier access to appropriate teaching and involvement in contexts in which reading is not a valued activity. Background of the Study

Reading is one of the most important things that a person should learn. Its importance must be a focal point in education since educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. Good readers can comprehend ideas, follow arguments, and detect implication. And through these reasons, the researchers have decided to conduct a study on the high frequency words that are used in textbooks. This study will particularly focus on students’ tagalog textbooks since it is the stage where a student spend all their time trying to work out these frequently occurring words. Through this reason, the researchers decided to conduct this study to know the frequently used words in third grade textbooks by a certain publishing companies which are the St. Augustine Publications Inc. and REX Bookstore Inc. in particular. A total of 5 books by the said publishers are be used as a material for this study. These books are the "Makabayan ang Pilipino Noon, Ngayon, at Bukas", "Talindaw Aklat sa Wika at Pagbasa", "Diwang Kayumanggi Aklat sa Wika at Pagbasa", “Batayan sa Sanayang Aklat sa Wika: Pahayag” and “Pananaw”. Through this, the researchers will know the appropriate words that are being used by the trusted Publishing Companies.

Statement of the Problem
This study is an attempt to search the high frequency words from the grade three ( 3 ) level Tagalog textbooks of the two ( 2 )publishing companies particularly, St Augustine Publications Inc. and Rex Bookstore Inc.

Specifically, this study sought answers to the following questions. 1. How may the variables be described in terms of:
2.1 Title of the textbooks
2.2 Authors
2.3 Publishing company
2. What are the words used frequently in the textbooks used? 3. How may the aforementioned high frequency words affect reading development of grade three level pupils? 4. What are the problems encountered on the study of high frequency words? 5. How may the findings be utilized on reading the high frequency words? 6. Is there a significant difference among the high frequency used words of the textbooks used? Hypothesis

H0: There is no significant difference among the high frequency used words of the used textbooks. Assumptions
This study assumed the following:
1. That the variables...
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