High Fidelity

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  • Published : June 2, 2005
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High Fidelity
Rob, the main character in the movie High Fidelity, is experiencing a mid life crisis in his mid 30's. He is beginning to question whether or not his current job is right for him and if t is as fulfilling as he wants it to be; he also begins to question his past relationship and evaluate what went wrong with them. This mid life crisis is onset by his stable live in girlfriend leaving him because of many things but it was mainly triggered by feelings of distance between them and the lack of commitment. After she leaves he realizes that she might have been the one after he evaluated his past "Top 5 Breakups." Although it takes Laura, his girlfriend, leaving for him to really think about commitment and to reevaluate what he is doing with his life it is probably the best thing that happened to him.

The state of Rob's intimate relationship with Laura before the break up was still in the self-focused stage, at least on Rob's behalf. He is not very mature for his age and seems to be comfortable with the way things were and wasn't looking for anything to change. A prime example of this is the fact that Rob hired Barry and Dick is two friends when the store opened and can not fire them because even though they are not the best workers he is afraid of change. Rob is a neurotic, self-absorbed, and obsesses over his dreary romantic history. According to Erikson one has to truly know themselves in order to fully realate and connect to another and since Rob doesn't seem to know himself at all before the breakup it would make sense for Laura and their relationship to not work out. Rob at this point in his life is reflecting upon who his is and realizing that he wants more, he wants more than just working at the record store, although he does feel passionate about the store that specializes only in vinyl it isn't making him very much money and he begins to feel as though he wants more out of life. Although Laura walked out on him she does love him and Rob...
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