High Fashion Shoes without the Pain: Summary on Entrepreneurship

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Entrepreneurship 1

ANYI LU: High fashion shoes without the pain
Article summary on
Kathleen A Grant
Business Administration 382
Professor Susan Craver

Entrepreneurship 2

Making the choice to become an entrepreneur can be a challenge. You need many qualities to be a successful entrepreneur. Some of these qualities include commitment and determination, and good leadership skills. You must have a good tolerance of risk taking and uncertainty. You must be creative and able to adapt to everything that is thrown at you. Having the passion and motivation to excel is very important, and knowing your customers’ needs and what it is that they want is important as well. As my article summary I chose the article “ANYI LU: High-fashion shoes without the pain”, which goes in line with chapter seven, Entrepreneurship in our book.

Anyi Lu has always had a passion for art. She wanted to attend art school but her father wanted her to pick a profession that would provide a more secure future for her. She ended up getting a degree in chemical engineering and landed a job with Dow and Chevron. In the male-dominated world of corporate giants Anyi Lu wanted to maintain a professional appearance but was uncomfortable in her high heel shoes. With her artistic mind she knew there had to be a way where women could be comfortable and still look beautiful in their shoes. Having experience as an engineer she wanted to find a solution to the problem. The fact that she lived and experienced the discomfort and pain of high heel shoes while working gave her the head start to a great innovative idea of developing comfortable shoes for women in the workforce. If she would have gone straight to art school she may have never experienced this discomfort and never have thought of the idea for better more comfortable shoes. Having a great idea for a product that is in need is a start to becoming a success.

While working as a chemical engineer Anyi Lu had a...
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