High Crime Rate

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Why is crime and violence high in America? Crime and violence is high in America because there are people in America as it is all over the world that cannot follow rules. There are thieves, rapist, and murders in every place in America. My expectations were not met. The crime rate is not high in every place in America. I found out that crime is high in communities with high poverty rate more so than any other community. This information causes my perspective to change greatly. I look at crime in a different way after doing this research paper. Crime is committed by people that have mental problems or they are on drugs. Also, some movies watched by individuals can play a role in some crimes being committed. Some individuals think it is ok to perform these acts of crime. This information is an eye opener to me. I would have never known this information if it was not for doing this research paper. I have come to the conclusion that I will never find the answers that I am looking for. There is no way that anyone in the wild could have an answer to why crime and violence is high in America. My opinion on why crime and violence is high is because people don’t seem to have a heart or respect others. This opinion has changed because the person committing crimes may get pleasure from it who knows. In my research the book Reducing Gun Violence (2012), I got a clear understanding of violent crime that relates to guns. This book talked about how gun crimes can be cut down, and what people in authority can do to make these changes. I feel that my research is inspiring because it demonstrates how crime and violent have impacted many communities here in America. I put a lot of time and energy in finding information on my why question and formatting my paper correctly. In my research I have come to a new point. Is there a thing as good crime?
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