High Cost of Education

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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I am one of the thousands of students enrolled in the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Many of us that attend are on some type of grant and or scholarship. We are students who are trying to make a better life and widen our knowledge of life for adulthood. Now that many things have changed from the previous generation of students at this specific college, the state is trying to use that against us. They are trying to raise the cost of tuition not only for the University of Louisiana at Monroe but all college in Louisiana. By raising the costs they are also raising the number of students to not enroll in college and also to drop out because of funding. The vast rise in tuition is only making students and family suffer so that certain professors and higher people can have a better living, are permanently effecting the lives of those who are trying to do better with a future.

Getting into school and having a wealthy profession has always been the main objective of many people attending college. For every some many years in Louisiana there are drops in college enrollment and a raise in the tuition fees. The state and college deans are trying make it harder and more expensive for people to attend college, and these things are only benefiting them. The only thing future college students are to do is raise that money and deal with the wrong doing of such a just system. In this process, the purpose of college is beginning to change into something negative. The state of Louisiana has one of the highest ratings in unemployment and healthcare needs yet they wonder why high graduates do not attend college, they simply do not have the money. The tuition is growing so fast that many people see college for only the rich and well off.

If more young adults had the funds and ability to attend college a minimum of four years not only would the south come up in society, but the need for health care would fall as well as unemployment....
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