High Context Culture

Topics: Anthropology, Time, Communication Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: October 24, 2010
High context culture is where family groups or societies have mutual connections for a long period of time. Here the behavior of the person is very casual as the members know each other have interactions for over years. For e.g. small parties, overnight stays, family gatherings etc. Low context cultures are among people that have connection but for a short period of time. In these societies, culture behavior should be taken seriously and should know how to behave in the cultural environment. For e.g. hypermarkets, restaurants, motel, grocery etc. In a high context culture the relationships are deep, strong boundaries and relationship more important than work. In a low context culture the relationship is loose, it has wide networks and work is more important than relationships. In order to communicate successfully between high context and low context, the cultural differences and the ruling communication process between individual and group cultures must be considered. When employees from high and low context cultures work together there are often conflicts that happen when exchanging information like direction, quality and quantity. For e.g. high context culture china and France share important information to their group members, families and friends. But when it comes to communicate to low context culture like Australia and Canada, they have to think meaning in their language and the surrounding around them; the information has to be limited and only to selected members to share the information. To understand the communication between the high and the low context culture, high context one should understand the speakers meaning and the low context should understand to be direct and not confusing speech. In a high context culture, the information is real context. It has to be meaningful and knowledgeable. Here less verbal and more of written is expressed. More of communication happens in long term relationships and has strong awareness for outsiders. In an...
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