High-Context and Low-Context Communication

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High-context and low-context communication
In this case, the Indonesians hesitated to accept the over confident looking contract offered by Indian vendors. On one hand, they did not want to miss such attractive products, cheap and functional, which could solve current problems; on the other hand, they were not sure about the Indian vendor’s words. Whether it is true or not that all of the function of their products could be customized to fit to the current needs. In other words, the meaning of “yes” from the Indians vendor was questioned. The difficult situation became a common annoyance these years, as more companies turn towards global markets. How to lead an effective communication with less misunderstanding is considered by managers of multinational companies. However, before making an essential communication between different cultures, interpreting the real meaning of verbal and non-verbal expression is emergently required. First used by author Edward T. Hall, the expressions "high context" and "low context" are classified for cultural differences between societies. High-context and low-context communication refers to how much speakers rely on things verbal and non-verbal to convey meaning. In general, cultures with low-context communication will pay more attention to the literal meanings of words than to the context potentially provided by them. High-context communication

In terms of high-context communication, surrounding situations, physical environments, and nonverbal behaviors are important for its members. Clues provided in these contexts should be converted in order to search for a real meaning. High-context communication has characters as follows. * More indirect expression such as non-verbal communication * Intuition or feelings is focused more than rational reason and thinking * Flowery language, humility, and elaborate apologies are typical * One talks around the point and embellishes it

* Disagreement is personalized...
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