High Blood Pressure vs. Obesity

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  • Published : October 28, 2008
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Many medical studies have shown a relationship between obesity and high blood pressure. In fact, some medical studies have shown that obesity more than doubles the risk of having or developing high blood pressure (hypertension) . Furthermore, Obesity research has indicated that more than 70% of obese men and women suffer from having high blood pressure. A third study has shown that a person that is 20% overweight (obese), is eight times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than a person with normal weight would1. There are many reasons why obesity is associated with causing high blood pressure.

Obesity presents an increase in the cardiac output, the blood volume and arterial resistance. In fact, obesity induces a high secretion of insulin in trying to decrease the excessive sugar concentration in the blood . The high concentration of blood sugar is due to excessive eating and the unnecessary intake of carbohydrates which breaks down into sugars which eventually dissolves in the blood. However, the high release of insulin (which is secreted from the pancreas) in the body is responsible for many modifications in the body2. It induces a thickening of the blood vessels which is responsible for an increase in their rigidity, thus increasing the blood pressure2. Since insulin is being released, this increases the secretion of adrenaline which increases the cardiac output which aids to high blood pressure2. Lastly, it induces the re-absorption of water and salt by the kidney, which increases the blood volume and therefore increasing the blood pressure2. To make matters worse, after a period of time the subject will develop a natural resistance to insulin which will make his body to produce more insulin resulting in even higher blood pressure.

Overweight people are not the only ones who suffer from high blood pressure. People who have poor exercise habits, poor diets, genetic disease, and the high consumption of drugs or alcohol have a much higher chance...
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