Higbee Gaskets & Sealing Products, Inc. Briefing

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Higbee Gaskets & Sealing Products, Inc. Briefing
Higbee Inc. is an over eighty year old company that focuses on gasket and sealing products in the Unites States. “Higbee, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company that has enjoyed the reputation of excellence in the gasket and sealing products industry since 1932” (Higbee Inc., 2006). Higbee is located in a sixty thousand square foot building in Syracuse, New York. They are a private company that has succeeded for many years.

Higbee Inc. main products are gasket and sealing products, however they also produce “Molded Rubber Gaskets, Antifatigue Matting or Mats, Natural Rubber (NR), O Rings, Rubber Materials, Selection, Rubber Molded Products, Rubber Products, Diaphragms, Lathe Cut Rubber...” (Reed Business Information, 2010). Higbee has basically taken a product and continued to improve and implement new products over the years to satisfy consumers and to grow with the years.

According to Manta.Com, “current estimates show this company has annual revenue of $20 to 50 million and employs a staff of approximately 20 to 49” (Manta Media Inc., 2010). Higbee would be considered a small business with less than fifty employees; however they have been large in the area of success. A multi-million dollar company has succeeded for over eighty years with less than fifty employees and that is pretty remarkable.

Higbee Inc. is a small business at a quick glance, but has been very successful. Throughout the years of success there have been many ventures that have made them so successful. Management practices and the way that they treat the employees of Higbee, Inc. is no small part in their success.

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