Hierarchy of Biological Organization

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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With the aid of specific examples, describe the concept of a hierarchy of biological organization. What is meant by the phrase, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?"

Understanding the range of life on the planet we call Earth. This magnificent planet is full of living organisms everywhere you look. As cells build upon each other in the structure of life, they create the different forms known as emergent properties. From the tiniest cells, the beautiful colors of the fungi to the amazing human body. The extensive study of life on this planet begins in a system we call the Biosphere. Within that Biosphere system is an astonishing array of life to explore.

The hierarchy of biological organization is a system of groups that support the enormous amount of life located on our planet. The first level is known as the biosphere. An environment that integrates all living cells as well as being self-regulated. Which include the land, oceans and the air we breathe. The second level is known as the ecosystem. They can range in size depending on its location. Like a tide pool located in the cliffs next the ocean. They house all living and non-living items. It is an environment where the living organisms interact with the sun light, the land and the bodies of water. The third level is known as communities. These communities are the ecosystems and are an array of living organisms with in a specific area. The next level is known as populations. They are known as groups of a single species with in the area. Next in the system are organisms. They are a single living species. Next level is the organ system. Which consist of a couple of organs that work side by side in order to create a functioning system. Below that is known as the tissue level. Tissue is a group of similar cells that help make up the organs. The next level on the hierarchy system is the cell. Cells are known as the smallest living life form and the building block of life. As we get to the...
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