Hiding Place

Topics: Betsie ten Boom, Corrie ten Boom, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 13, 2011
The Hiding Place
The title of this book is The Hiding Place. The author of The Hiding Place is Corrie Ten Boom. The Hiding Place was published by Bantam Books. There are 241 pages in The Hiding Place. The genre of The Hiding Place is a biography.

The setting of this story is in Haarlem, Holland, in the Beje and the prisons such as Scheveningen, Vught and Ravensbruck. The setting is integral because it has specific time and dates.
The main characters are Corrie, Betsie, and Casper. Corrie is round and dynamic and she helps Jews so they won’t be caught so she hides them in the Beje and she has trouble praying for the Germans. Betsie is round and static and she is sick but still tries her best to preach and she prays for the Germans. Casper is round and static and tries to help the Jews even if they endanger him.

The main conflict of this story is that the Nazis are invading Holland and the Jews are being killed, but the Boom family helps them by hiding them in the Beje where they cannot be captured by the Nazis.

The main theme of this story is that God has His purpose for everything. From this book, Corrie is ungrateful for many things when she is in prison, but after thinking about everything again Corrie realizes that God has given so many things to her like the Bible and that He has a purpose for everything even if it seems absolutely useless to her. She didn’t realize the importance of the people around her and why she needed them but after thinking through about what had happened she understands that God has given her many things that she doesn’t think as important.

The event that reinforces the theme of this story is that when Corrie had fleas on her bed she was very ungrateful for it but Betsie still told her to be grateful even if it is such a trivial thing. Those fleas made the guards not want to go her place and because of that the Bible in the room is still safe and not taken by the guard.

The literary device in this story is metaphor...
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