Hiding from Reality

Topics: Deficit, Tax, United States Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 2, 2012
Hiding from reality

The American Dream for many it means the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity traditionally held by every American. A life of personal happiness in short terms. However this “American Dream “is different for everyone, and it is now being threaten by many factors such as the economy, which is a big part of it, employment and our education as well are being demolished. In “Hiding from reality” by Bob Herbert, he explains his view on how the American dream is slowly become less and less reachable and what we need to focus on in order for the restoration of the American Dream. Herbert states, “whenever you choose to look-at the economy and jobs, public schools, the budget deficits, the non-stop warfare overseas you’ll see a country in sad shape”. Not only does he state the factors which are slowly causing this Dream to become less attainable, but he believes that the American people are doing nothing about it and everyone is in denial. Herbert’s view on this article is basically telling us that the U.S. is decreasing their chances to turn this around and take our country out from the big hole that we are in. One way of resurrecting the American dream in Herbert’s opinion is to establish more jobs so that everyone can have a decent living. Herbert provides some statistics from the PEW Hispanic center on immigrants and employment. As more immigrants enter this country not only are they taking jobs from U.S. citizens, but immigrant workers are also experiencing job losses and earning less money. Providing more jobs for all would not only benefit every worker trying to make a living for their families but as Herbert explains it can also help our economy slowly resurrect the American dream that everyone wants, an opportunity to live happy and prosper. Recession is another argument that Herbert tackles, his opinion on the deficit reduction program is that it won’t help our country strive back to recovery, rather than dig us deeper...
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