Hideo Kojima: the Renaissance Man of Video Game Entertainment

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Hideo Kojima: The Renaissance man of Video Game Entertainment

Hideo Kojima is known to be one of the most passionate and innovative game directors that has ever set foot upon the video game industry. Gamers all over the world acknowledge him to be the father of several successful franchises such as Policenauts, Zone of the Enders and most notably Metal Gear. But what sets this man apart from other developers, is the unique application of cinematic and profound storytelling techniques to many of his most influential games. As a result, he was able deliver more than just an entertaining, immersive experience, but an enlightening one as well. To date, Kojima has been bestowed with two Lifetime Achievement Awards, which he received during the 2008 MTV Game Awards and at the Game Developer’s Conference in early 2009 (Haynes). In taking up these tokens of honor, he stated that “I want to keep creating games. That is what I love, and I won’t stop until the day I die”. He further explains that “It is my dream to contribute to an age when games become a big part of everyone’s lives, just like a story, movies, or music of today” (Grant). In leaving viewers with these encouraging words, people have often wondered how this man achieved such an honorable position in the industry. The answer to this question simply lies within his sources of inspiration, which are particularly rooted in American film, Japanese Anime/Manga and most importantly, videogames itself.

One of the very first objects of interest that had influenced Hideo Kojima to become a game designer in the first place, was Super Mario Brothers, a videogame that he had played during his time in college. On his fourth year at the university, he made the final decision to join the videogame industry rather than his initial ambition to pursue a career as a film director. This turning point in his life soon led to a secure position with Konami and the development of a completely new...
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