Hide and Seek Swot Analysis and Background

Topics: Dissociative identity disorder, Personality psychology, Mental disorder Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Hide and Seek

The movie is based on a psychological disorder called, “Dissociative identity disorder”. A family goes out in a playground having some fun playing. Then one night, the father named David saw her wife died in a bathtub and seconds later the daughter named Emily goes in the bathroom to check and saw her mother with traumatized gesture. Emily was sent to a child hospital and was checked by a psychiatrist named Katherine. Soon after, David noticed that Emily has become friends with an imaginary friend named “Charlie” wherein they had a desire to make their father upset. David always has nightmares every night at 2:06 wherein in his dream it always shows the New Year’s celebration party before the night his wife died. And when he wakes up due to the nightmares he goes to the bathroom suspecting there is something suspicious, until he found out that there is always a mark on the curtains judging him why did he let her die. Until the 2nd night he checked the bathtub and saw his cat died, here he was very disturbed as her daughter always says that Charlie does it, he did not believe Charlie in the first place as he knew that he is just an imaginary friend until their cat died. The next day, Elizabeth, a local woman frequently visits David, as Emily don’t like her mother to be changed by another woman and so does Charlie. This 3rd day, when Elizabeth visited, she fell out of the window as Charlie scared her back with a knife. When David woke up, the sheriff visited their house asking about Elizabeth, as the sheriff was gone Emily started crying and David knew that something bad had happened to Elizabeth. As the time reached 2:06 Emily showed the clock to David and rushed to the bathtub and saw Elizabeth dead. He was very disturbed this time and really wants to find out who really Charlie is. Emily said he just took off and then David rushed outside carrying a knife until he saw their male neighbor who was very concerned, he became very hostile...
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