Hidden Treasures of the Bahamas

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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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Come all ye prospectors and listen to me
A short simple story I’ll tell unto ye
Concerning two (2) men who started to rove
And dig for Kidd’s treasure down in Fortune Hill Cover.

Being asked to speak about hidden treasures in the Bahamas is like being asked to speak about the heat in the Sahara Desert, or the cold at the North Pole; the Bahamas is itself a veritable hidden treasure in the opinion of many.

If, for a moment, you believe that I am exaggerating, then ask the average tourist that comes here; especially one coming from some metropolitan city like New York or London. Ask them what they experience in The Bahamas and you will hear over and over again the same refrain. "I look up at the Bahamas sky and see a canvas painted by the oldest of the Masters, so rich in its shade of blue. A sun glittering the brightest gold, and at night, the deepest black velvet sparkles with diamonds for stars. At the beach, gems made of the purest pink encircling and laying below the surface of liquid turquoise. "

But you are Bahamians, so that means that you hear of this but when yet when you think of treasure, you think of gold, silver, and bronze. So I will now tell you about the hidden treasure of the sort you think of.

There is a word that is used in science called extrapolation. What that refers to is looking at where something begins and where it will end up. We can use that term here and say that by extrapolation since we have found treasure here in The Bahamas before, and can conclude that not all of the treasure hidden and/or lost has been found, that hidden treasure will be found again in The Bahamas, but we cannot say or describe what that will be, since it is hidden.

It is well-known that the cargo passing through The Bahamas was not usually precious cargo. Even though that was the case, there have been discoveries of valuable treasures such as ancient guns of bronze and iron, navigational instruments, coins, and various other artifacts. After...
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