Hidden Themes of Tender Is the Night

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  • Published : December 12, 2005
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A dream exists in every American's mind and that is to be young, beautiful, rich, famous, and powerful. Tender is the Night portrays the characteristics of this "dream" and shows the effects, focusing on the negative effects associated with being wealthy. Tender is the Night was one of F. Scott Fitzgerald later novels, written following other well-known novels such as The Great Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, and The Last Tycoon. Tender is the Night reveals how money corrupts and ruins the lives of wealthy people who are unstable and dissatisfied with their lives.

There are many characters in the novel that influences the theme. The main character in Tender is the Night is a handsome and intelligent psychiatric doctor, Dick Diver. Nicole Warren, a beautiful, wealthy, schizophrenic patient of his becomes infatuated with Dick. Attracted exclusively to her money and beauty, Dick marries Nicole and begins a life of self-indulgence. They live a fairly pleasant life until on vacation in France meet Rosemary Hoyt who disrupts the calmness of the Divers' relationship. Rosemary is a young, attractive actress who instantly falls in love with Dick upon meeting him, and comes to learn the feeling is mutual. Nicole realizes Dick's attractions to other women and feels guilty about his actions. Nicole demands Dick's attention, but begins to feel dissatisfied that he pays more attention to his career and other women than he does to her. The "relationship" between Dick and Rosemary deteriorates after a few years, as well as the relationship of Dick and Nicole. Dick is selfish, playing with his career and chasing women. Nicole understands this and turns to another man, Tommy, while Dick, when realizing his problems, turns to alcohol. Nicole, leaving Dick, marries Tommy and lives an enjoyable life. However, Dick, who once did have a successful life was ruined after Nicole left him. Money, status, and power eventually destroyed Dick.

Also, the setting of Tender is the...
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