Hidden Messages Managers Send

Topics: Culture, Communication, Message Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Business Communication III
The Hidden Messages Managers Send

In this topic, last week, we saw that managers spend a lot of their time talking to people, and because that is part of their jobs, being able to communicate to all directions. Thus, there is the need to understand that body language, images and setting are the message, and managers need to be aware of that, to better use them as effective tools. If we look to the images people use, we can see that sometimes they are not understandable by everyone. Some metaphors can vary its meaning from different cultures and sometimes have no meaning at all. Words assume their meaning in different situations and for different perspectives, so the clear communication means avoiding false assumptions and try to analyze whether or not the messages are hitting its objectives. It involves also making use of tones and variations to ask and influence questions. If is important to use properly the communication images, it is also the evident the necessity to understand different cultures and their personal territories. If Japanese can be very close to you when talking, Germans may feel attacked. In the same understanding of territories, we can see how important is to set a meeting in the boss´s office, the subordinate´s, or neutral place, depending on the subjects to be discussed. To make a proper use of all the communication tools, it means to use the body as a sender, confirming what words are trying to tell. Facial expressions and voice tones represent more than nine times the importance of words, and again, culture may affect the way senders and receivers behave. As an example, eye contact is very used in the west, but not in the eastern cultures. The perfect resonance happens when two people mirror each other´s movement. As seen before and throughout the entire course, communication involves different aspects such as culture, knowledge and personal values. The key factor to produce effective communications in...
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