Hidden Language of the Soul

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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THEME: Dance- The Hidden Language of the Soul
EXPOSITORY TOPIC: How can dance be considered as a communicable form of non-verbal language?


The purpose of the poem under theme “The Hidden Language of the Soul” is to evoke an emotional response in the reader and to cause him to ponder about dance as a language but to also inform them on the difficulties of speaking that language. The poem shows the definitions of verbal language in dance and how emotional an experience dance can be. It aspires to touch dance teachers, as well as members of the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism, as they can influence the acceptance of dance as a non-verbal language. The context chosen to reach the audience to perform the piece at a poetry exposition so that its message is heard by a great number of people at once. The poem can also be placed on Facebook or Twitter to reach a younger audience and expose more people to it. In addition, the poem can be placed in a magazine for dancers and distributed to dance schools to build awareness amongst an artistic and socially aware audience.


The rhythm clicks in your brain.
The movement flows through your body.
You can’t help it.
It’s instinctive.
You are communicating.
Speaking a language so strong it puts words on the back-burner. Speaking the language of your soul.

A language driven by the motor, visual and kinesthetic
Rather than the expected vocals
Where you listen with your eyes
Sentences form from shifting weight,
Paragraphs from lifting arms,
And punctuation from the point of your feet.

It communicates the non-verbal,
A stillness in time, space and effort.
It drives your message.
It unites.
It touches your audience,
Awakens their senses,
And ignites the fire in their innermost being.
The fire that burns with understanding of intent,...
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