Hid Case Study

Topics: Management, Strategic planning, Goal Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Case Study
H. I. D.

1. The causes of the confusion confronting Keith Houck is faced with conflicts which causes the confusion to him.are the following, First, the company’s mission statement does not say anything big about long term goal. Indeed, it has a mission statement but the odd thing was the managers whom he talked with still seems don’t know where they are going to, The company’s goal is just to provide extra-ordinary service to customers that will satisfy their profit, quality and growth goals. The President’s ambitious vision of having 27 hotels in the next five years and 50 hotels in next 10 years is in contrast with a lesser figures given by its managers. not favored by other managersExpectedly, this ambitious goal was not supported by its managers . Second, the financial status of the company may not be enough to implement the goal of the President. Third, market strategies of the company are not yet established. It is still not clear which places they will penetrate.

HID is not yet ready to formulate their strategic plan because of the fact that they are not even uniformly informed of the company’s mission. . They need to align have to resolve first their company mission/vision and then develop their strategic plans make their company goals followed by tactical and operational goals.. In addition to this, the company also need to consider its resources.

2. If I were Keith, I will ask the same set of questions. I will just the following: and in addition I will ask the following: a) Do you consider revising the mission statement? If so, what would it be? Then followed with “how will they see the company for the next 10 years?” b) Question for Bill Collins: WWhat are then your strategic goals in order toto achieve yourthe company’s vision? c) Question In your respective sections,for the respective departamental managers. Given the strategic goals and plans presented what are the specific management strategies or tactical plans will you...
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