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Topics: Onion, Fresno City College, Garlic Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Kevin Bagtas
CH English10

Burried Onions
Gary Soto

The novel Burried Onions by Gary Soto was an okay book to read. I do not relate to the sotry nor any of the characters in the book. I did not live in a bad neighborhood where “fences sagged and the paint blistered on houses”(pg.2). I never dropped out of anything unlike the protagonist Eddie “I had to dropped out of city college”(pg.3). I never worked yet or drove yet. The language written in this book did not engaged at me that much. The Language on this book is suitable for students to read. The major themes of this book is revenge, wanting a better life and sadness. The theme revenge impacted this book because Eddie’s tía Dolores, Jesus’s mother, wants Eddie to find the man that killed Jesus and kill the person that killed Jesus. The theme wanting a better life impacted the novel because Eddie is working and trying to get out of Fresno and get away from the “buried onions”. The theme sadness influence the story because Eddie lost his father, his bestfriend, and his cousin Jesus. In the novel Buried Onions by Gary Soto a literary element was found in the story. The onion and cockroaches symbolize something in the book. The onion symbolize is all the towns sadness is burried underground but when they come up trouble begin, “I thought about the gaint onion, that remarkable bulb of sadness”(pg.2). The cockroaches symbolize the gang of Fresno that hate Eddie, the roach's persistence can be shown by a quote, "About an hour later when I entered my apartment, I was surprised to see that the cockroaches had returned. Their antennae were all bent, and some of their legs were crippled, but they were...
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