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Topics: Decision support system, Data warehouse, Data management Pages: 8 (1747 words) Published: March 5, 2013
SECTION 1: MULTIPLE CHOICE – 1 mark each. RECORD YOUR ANSWER ON THE BUBBLE SHEET PROVIDED. Only bubble sheet answers will be graded.

1.| The primary motivation for modern malware production is to provide:| A)| demand for the products of anti-malware companies|
B)| financial gain|
C)| the opportunity to brag about one's programming skills| D)| a new market for security consultants|
E)| a chance to be hired by the company one attacks|

2.| Which of the following is a DSS (decision support system) characteristic? DSS| A)| are only used by low level supervisors and managers|
B)| are relatively inflexible|
C)| have little analytical capability|
D)| support the use of analysis tools|
E)| rely on existing data flow|

3.| The purpose of a data dictionary is to|
A)| define the format and characteristics of data in the database| B)| provide a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form| C)| construct queries quickly and easily|

D)| describe the relationships among the different programs that access the database| E)| both A and D|

4.| PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) requires that organizations:| A)| establish both a privacy policy and procedures to ensure that the policy is adhered to| B)| individuals be prevented from accessing the information that they submit| C)| ensure that physical assets are protected from theft| D)| retain information about financial decisions for seven years| E)| prevent all of their employees from accessing customer information|

5.| Health care information privacy is governed by what type of legislation in Canada?| A)| Federal and provincial|
B)| Provincial only|
C)| Federal only|
D)| Federal, provincial and municipal|
E)| Provincial and municipal|

6.| The opt-out model of informed consent permits a company to collect personal information until the customer| A)| requests that the data not be collected|
B)| specifically authorizes it|
C)| requests access to another customer's information|
D)| provides corrections to the data|
E)| becomes aware that the data is being collected|

7.| Which of the following items would be considered to be information?| A)| building number|
B)| monthly sales|
C)| invoice number|
D)| supplier name|
E)| Both A and B|

8.| When the organization recognizes risks, continues operating without controls and plans to absorb any damages that occur, this is called risk| A)| management|
B)| transference|
C)| analysis|
D)| acceptance|
E)| mitigation|

9.| A primary key|
A)| has the same value for all records|
B)| must contain a unique value for each instance of an entity| C)| must be numeric|
D)| is normally defined automatically|
E)| must be the first field in each record|

10.| Shirley sends Kira a message encrypted with Shirley's private key. When Kira decrypts the message with Shirley's public key (which is posted on Shirley's website), she can be sure:| A)| That it was sent by Shirley, but someone else may have read it| B)| Of nothing about the message.|

C)| That it could have been sent by anyone, but it has not been changed since it was sent| D)| That it could have been sent by anyone, but only Kira can read it.| E)| That it was sent by Shirley and no one else read it|

11.| Compared to data warehouses, data marts have which of the following characteristics?| A)| cost less|
B)| have shorter lead time for implementation|
C)| have central rather than local control|
D)| contain more information|
E)| Both A and B|

12.| When various copies of the data disagree, this is called:| A)| data integrity|
B)| data isolation|
C)| data inconsistency|
D)| data replication|
E)| data redundancy|

13.| You have described the physical facilities,...
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