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My Autobiography
My name is Jenissel Vidal and I was born in the year 1994 on May 12 in Miami FL, in Hialeah in the palmetto hospital, actually me and my 2 cousins and little sister were all born in the same hospital but all different years. I’m going to write about events in my life I liked and probertly disliked too, this is my autobiography and everything I went through. I already mentioned were I was born. My mother is named Glendys Riquelme and my father is named Jose Vidal. Both my parents were born in Cuba an Island in the Caribbean. They came here in there teen years and met each other and obviously created me,. My mother and grandmother planned the biggest birthday party for me when I turned one. It was a princess Cinderella theme and this is where I have to say I had the best mother and grandmother ever. They had a show where they had to acted out the main characters of Cinderella and I think they all even looked like there assigned characters, My grandma had made me a costumed made dress specifically when taking pictures when it was time to cut the cake and one just to have on for the show and piñata and when just taking pictures. They went all out and beyond for my first year, Till this day there the ones who only really care about me. When I turned two years old May 12 1996 it was mother’s day which I found pretty cool, not most kids turn two on mother’s day or fathers but whatever back on topic. My first time even leaving on a trip was when I was two, I went to New York with my parents and touched snow for the first time. I don’t remember much but my mother told me we met family from my father’s side and they all adored me and my big bright eyes. I basically grew up as a child with not much friends, then again who has real friends at that age. I only really had my cousin Ashley who I did mostly everything with. My mother has an only sister named Belkeys Riquelme and she has a daughter and son. Her daughter is named Ashley Peleaz and Son is named Luis Peleaz. Ashley was like a best friend to me. My mother and her sister went everywhere together which is how I got so close to Ashley. Now my aunt is someone I never talk to and I have difficulties even talking to Ashley. At the age of three my parents spilt and decided to just make there life’s far away from each other. I turned 5 and never saw my father again, but on the bright side I got a baby sister named Janelle Paz. Janelle rf, and Tennessee. I have this thing that I want to take pictures in those specific places. In Paris I want to take a picture in front of the Eiffel tower and have a dinner there. In Tokyo I want to go to Takao-san which is this beautiful scenery that I would love to take gorgeous pictures of. Lastly Tennessee I want to take pictures of the horses and country side looking area’s and how people live their everyday lives, I’ve been there and I love it. So I’m just going to move on and start talking about my life again, Turning six years old my mom and stepdad Yamil Paz which as a matter of fact is the father of my sister Janelle Paz and more like a father to me then my actual blood related father, made reservations on the Disney cruise. I really wanted to go so they made plans and went there for me as my birthday gift. I had an amazing experience there and remember going to this restaurant that the walls would change color and characters and I thought that was like magic at the moment. That’s the beauty in being a kid, you believe in anything and live in this whole different world and it just makes you happy. Then you grow up and the majority of the things you grow up and around with is mostly unworthy of your time and just not the same. At age of 10 I joined a dance academy named Gigi’s Academy and learned to dance Salsa, Jazz, and Rueda which is mostly danced by Latin’s. I performed a lot and made friends and really enjoyed dancing there. Everyone there was like a little family, we would have the annually year show in which we showed...
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