Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc

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Running Head: HI-HO YO-YO INC.

Case Study: Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc.

First Come First Serve (FCFS):
This is a service policy that is based on attaining the customers or clients, in order to their arrival or request. It means that, the one who comes earlier would be given priority in the sequence of their arrival. FCFS discipline of service delivery does not take any other parameter into consideration like quantity, monetary value of the order, etc. If we select this method of delivery to our clients, we are bound to release the order in the sequence of date (Greasley, 2008). Shortest Processing Time (SPT):

This process of scheduling is used for completion of work within the due date. This method emphasizes on processing with the job which takes the least time. The division of the work is done on the basis of input, processing time and the the due date for the completion of assignment. The flow time is calculated for the each part of the job, using the processing time, which helps us in determination of the overall time for the completion of work. This method is useful in single machine environment (Hochbaum, 1999). Due Date Scheduling Technique (DD):

This technique of scheduling can be used with the reference of time either forward or backward. when we use forward scheduling, we start with the date from which job order starts. it calculates the period of time, from the day on which first operation was performed to all the subsequent operation till the completion of the work. It determines the earliest time on which the work can be completed.

When we use the technique of back scheduling, for calculating the period of time of the completion of work, we allocate the resources in reverse order keeping in mind the deadline of the completion of work and come to the date on which we must start the operation, so that the work can be completed within the due date (Wild, 2003). Critical Ratio:

The critical ratio scheduling technique of work is based upon the...
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