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Topics: Employment, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Workplace stress Pages: 13 (4682 words) Published: December 17, 2012
International Journal of Business and Management

May, 2009

The Impact of Work Life Conflict on Job Satisfactions of Employees in Pakistan Muhammadi Sabra Nadeem Department of Management Sciences, Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad E-mail: hafmalhar@hotmail.com, sabra_nadeem@yahoo.com Dr. Qaisar Abbas Department of Management Sciences, Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad E-mail: qaisar@comsats.edu.pk Abstract

The study was aimed to explore the relationship between work life conflict and job satisfaction in Pakistan. We found that job satisfaction is significantly negatively correlated with work to family interference and family to work interference. Job satisfaction is also found to be negatively related with stress in our research. However, the correlation of workload is positive and insignificant which shows that workload does not effect the job satisfaction of the employees in Pakistan. Job autonomy emerged as having a strong and clear correlation with job satisfaction, more autonomy in a job leads to higher job satisfaction among employees. The policy alternative should be that a supportive management is required to minimize the conflict between work and family. Top management should realize the importance of work life balance and its adverse affect on job satisfaction. Keywords: Work life conflict, Job satisfaction, Stress, Work load, Job ambiguity 1. Background of the study

The fast pace economical development in 20th century, across the globe has created new endeavors for the business organizations. Globalization has changed the world into a global village. This change has pushed the organizations for striving hard to gain and sustain their competitive advantage, by reducing cost, increasing profits and enhancing the operations. The changing world scenario also evoked the changes in the organizational culture. Organizational changes due to downsizing, mergers/ acquisitions and radical changes in technology have changed the work setups. The employees in present are more involved in their jobs than in the last decade. The long working hours, work pressure, high demanding jobs, use of sophisticated technology made it difficult for employees to keep a balance between their job and work commitments. This situation gave rise to the greatest challenge of human resource management issue i.e. Work Life Conflict (WLC). A person plays different role in the span of life, which include roles from work (worker, employer) and non-work (father, spouse, friend, sibling, etc). Work Life Conflict (WLC) exists when time and energy demands to satisfy one role make it difficult to participate in other (Duxbury et al., 2001). Work life conflict also defined “as push and pull between family and work responsibilities, Nancy (2003). The term Work Life Conflict (WLC) used contradictory with Work Life Balance (WLB). Work life balance (WLB) is defined as a state of equilibrium in which the demands of both a person's job and personal life are equal. (Lockwood 2003). However, when the demand of job or personal life increases it creates an unbalance situation and resulted in work life conflict. Creating a balance with job responsibilities and family responsibilities is a dilemma for the employees and almost impossible due to turbulent work environment, and fast moving economical development across the globe which resulted in demanding jobs and long working hours . The history of work life conflict is very old. During barter system, the concept of work was not so clear. In this era work was not considered as employment rather it’s just a source of survival. The work life conflict was not a social issue, as the conflict between the work and family was very small. The industrial revolution of 18th century had changed the work settings as well as social setup. Dramatic changes were seen during this period, industries were setup and the functional design of factories led to division between employees 63...
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