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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Jennifer Nguyen
AP Literature
Mrs. Handley
Jane Eyre GRQ

Chapters 1-10
1. The novel does not begin with exposition of background and character, but rather with direct action. Yet, by the end of Chapter 1, the reader knows a great deal about Jane Eyre and her situation. Discuss what is revealed about Jane and the Reeds by the end of Chapter 1 and why this method of direct action is effective. 2. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” “Turn the other cheek and do good to them that hate you.” How do these two philosophies of life match the characters of Jane Eyre and Helen Burns? 3. Before Jane leaves Lowood, Bessie comes to visit. What are the observations of Bessie regarding Jane’s growth and development? At eighteen, is Jane pleased with Bessie’s observations? Why does beauty seem so important to Jane? 4. Describe Gateshead and Lowood, Particularly as the two settings reflect Jane’s developing personality and worldview. (As part of your response, you will need to consider the characters she encounters at each of these places.) Chapters 11-20

5. Describe Thornfield Hall. What are Jane’s first impressions? How do they change? 6. Trace how Jane’s feelings towards Rochester change and develop in the following episodes of the novel: a. At their first meetings on the road

b. At the interview when he examines her paintings
c. From his behavior at the house party
d. At his later disclosures of his “sinful” past
e. On the night of the fire
7. Reread the description of Jane’s paintings (Chapter 13). How do the descriptions articulate the theme of self-discovery? 8. How does Bronte create a sense of suspense, tension, and uncertainty in this section of the book? Chapter 21-27

9. Describe the events that occur when Jane revisits Gateshead. What are Jane’s feelings towards Mrs. Reed now? Why? 10. When Jane returns to Thornfield, what revelation does Rochester make to her? Did you find this surprising? Why or why...
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