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Topics: Ecological footprint, Ecology, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 11, 2013
GNED 212 Assignment # 2 [25%]

Canadian ecological footprints are among the biggest in the world. The purpose of this assignment is to explore the different ways in which you can reduce your ecological footprint through personal activity and through the aid of green technologies.

Listed below are topics that will be the focus of your assignment. Following topic selection your group will brainstorm a plan to individually reduce your ecological footprint to be carried out for an entire week.

Potential Topics (Note: only 2 groups/ topic):

- energy consumption – lighting
- energy consumption – household heating
- water consumption –showering
- water consumption- watering plants and grass outside, washing car - CO2 emissions
- paper use
- waste production (i.e. amount of trash/week)
- plastic bag use
- plastic bottle use
- hygienic product use (shampoos, conditioners, soap)
- electronic use
- in-organic food consumption

PART I: Research Component [15 marks]

Part 1 of your assignment is the research component of your ecological activity and subsequent green technologies that can help reduce the impact of your selected activity. You are required to include information from peer-reviewed scientific sources surrounding the ecological footprint activity you have selected. The following questions are a guideline and should be addressed in proper essay format - On average how much is being wasted of what you are trying to reduce? - What are the consequences of this ecological footprint to us and the planet if this continues? - Besides your plan of reducing the specific ecological footprint, what green technologies are present to continue to help reduce this ecological footprint? - Describe how these green technologies work.

- Critique the use of these green technologies
- Could the use of the green technologies researched have helped your group be more successful in your proposal?...
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