Hi Cool Sexy

for fun:

I love to travel. Egypt, Rome and Paris. are favorites and I travel east often. But some place new is always fun. Photography, writing, being outside, antiques and shopping. I love being near the water. I enjoy discussing current issues that face our future.

my job:

I'm a Bachelor in Tele Communication Engineering and look at the stock of the market to work by the order of the day,certified and approved International mineral merchant.

my ethnicity:

I am half French and half American, Born in Bayport MN and grew up in Corsica, France.

my religion:

I've never been far from God, even though I've blamed Him at times for the distance I felt! I was blessed to be born into a loving, Christian family, with a long Christian heritage. I learned about Faith at an early age.

favorite hot spots:

Exploring the wonders of Asia, Rome, Egypt, Hawaii, Barbados, etc. Too many to name. I find beauty and fun most places, but love being outdoors, going to quaint restaurants and unique adventures. Traveling locally and internationally is lovely.

favorite things:

I love camping, action adventure movies. I enjoy "who done it" books. I love 70's & 80's music, and My favorite color is sky blue. I enjoy my weekly favorite TV shows. Love to laugh!!!

last read:

Dream big dreams, It talks about life challenges and inspires us about issues of the world. Sometimes audio books since I am always busy...Dean Koontz, Tony Robbins, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Harry Potter, Eckart Tolle - A New Earth

my pets:

I have a French bulldog, very adorable, active and more friendly. He is a year and a half old now. A very important part of my life.


Profile Heading:

A New Life, A New Beginning With God's Guidance And Faith!!!


About Me:

What I can tell you about me is that I am very down to earth, easy going with a wonderful and tasteful sense of humor. I am very...
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